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Corallo 21 eco

Who better than a seaman knows what a boat should be like if it has to meet all the operational requirements, guaranteeing safety and reliability also in difficult conditions, without calling for too much maintenance. Fishermen in Torre del Greco are aware of this and in their everyday effort they employ the gozzo, traditional fishing boat, extremely versatile and reliable. Wide, with a very strong structure and large living spaces, it is not a boat that stands out for performance (even though, considering its characteristics, it is worth notice), but, onboard of the gozzo, you will feel safe also in adverse sea conditions. On the basis of such a sea philosophy,we realize gozzos where vetroresina and precious woods harmoniously meet offering their best characteristics.

Corallo 21 represents a classic: adaptable to medium length cruises, presenting considerable room both for passengers and for stowing material. The deck made of fiberglass is well sheltered by the pulpit and by the stainless steel handrail, ending in the comfortable and deep cockpit whose perimeter is contoured by settees hiding roomy compartments. In the middle, placed slightly back, the pilot's console with a pleasent modern design, perfectly adapting to the classic look of the boat. The console includes an instrument panel for the control of the propeller, the magnetic compass, switches and lever remote control, steering wheel. The settee placed in the aft transom can be used both by pilot and passengers. A comfortable and robust ladder, fixed on the aft transom, make the diving easier thanks to a grating on water surface

Technical Specifications
Lunghezza FT 6,60
Lunghezza scafo 6,00mt
Larghezza 2,06mt
Dislocamento 1100 Kg
Motorizzazione massima 100 hp
Velocità massima 13/23 nodi
Serbatoi acqua 120lt.
Serbatoi carburante 120lt.
Materiale scafo Vetroresina rinforzata
Persone trasportabili 6
Categoria di progettazione C