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Super Corallo 37

The celebrated "gozzo" boat is certainly one of the crafts with more history and allure. Originally created as a fishing boat, pleasure/sports fishing and professional fishing, the "gozzo" has always been appreciated for its exceptional reliability and safety also in the roughest sea conditions. The new Corallo 37, built by Co.Me.Na shipyard, located at Torre del Greco in the outskirts of Naples, represents the evolution of these kind of vessels whose shape and technical characteristics have been revised.
Since its start in the 1960's, Co.Me.Na has believed in the value of this kind of crafts demonstrating their conviction by producing the Super Corallo boat line, available in several versions and characteristics.
These kind of boats are created by fusing together the best honored traditional workmanship, with a careful choice of valuable materials and the use of modern technologies. The end result is a truly unique and distinctive kind of vessel.
An additional ingredient that has lead to the success of these boats is the pleasure of smooth sailing bestowed by the semi-dislocating hull. Ideal for cruises as well as sports fishing, Corallo 37 has been revised to best meet the needs of modern boaters, supplying for many miles, even when weather conditions do change, a smooth and tireless sailing at cruising speeds that exceed 20 knots. The deck is built with solid teak wood and the wash-board, the covering boards and the rail are build with mahogany wood.On the bow, arranged on the deckhouse and fitted with two coated mahogany wood manropes, we find the sundeck, on whose front side has been attained a sofa. The front of the cockpit is enclosed by a windshield build on a Sapelli mahogany foliated wood structure that is finished with a Lexan scratch resistant coating; the cockpit foresees a pilot and co-pilot steering position fitted with underneath storing compartments. Behind the pilot's posting are located two addition seats placed in the opposite sailing direction, as well as, at aft, a broad sofa that is also fitted with underneath storing compartments. The roll bar has been built with AISI 316 perfectly polished stainless steel pipes as well as an ahead and abaft bimini top.
From the cockpit, through a mahogany ladder with two manropes built with cherry foliated wood, we open the door leading to the cabin. Below deck, the galley is located on the left and is equipped with a marble working top, a three burner cooking range and a stainless steel sink. Cooking range and sink are fitted with temperature resistant crystal tops. The 120 liter refrigerator and the capacious food storing compartments, are located beneath the galley.
Below deck, located to the right, there is the dinette with a "C" shaped sofa. The table may be lowered in order to gain a wide bed. The back of the dinette is hinged to the bulkhead; the back of the dinette can also become an additional bunk bed.To the right of the bow, is located a large bathroom in front of which is placed a chart table fitted with two drawers designed to store nautical charts and charting equipment. Next to the chart table is an ice maker to supply galley and bar needs.
The ship owner's cabin, located at the bow, is furnished with: a large bed fitted with underneath storing compartments, two small chest of drawers on its sides and several shelves where one can place a TV, books and anything else may be useful for a pleasant holiday at sea. Next to one of these chest of drawers, is placed a very spacious closet that develops from floor to ceiling.
The materials used to fit the interiors are: cherry wood, while the inside floor surface of the cabin is made with trimmed mahogany wood ribbed with maple wood. All portholes are made with chrome brass.
As demanded by the shipyard's handcrafting tradition, all interiors may be fully customized.In a few words, the Super Corallo 37 is, without a doubt, a top-notch vessel capable of capturing the attention of the most demanding boaters. Comfort, safety and smooth sailing sum up the portrayal of this enchanting craft.

Technical Specifications
Lunghezza FT 11,50mt
Lunghezza scafo 10,70mt
Larghezza 3,95mt
Dislocamento 12 ton.
Motorizzazione massima 2 X 260 hp
Velocità massima 24 kn
Serbatoi acqua 2 x 160lt.
Serbatoi carburante 2 x 500lt.
Materiale scafo PRFV
Posti letto 5
Persone trasportabili 12
Categoria di progettazione CE-B
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